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    Mayo Clinic Minute: Yo-Yo dieting hard on a woman’s heart

a woman on a weight scale looking disappointedYou have a big event coming up and need to fit into that great dress. So you crash diet ─ only to gain it all back again.

If this sounds familiar, you could be yo-yo dieting. But research shows yo-yo dieting, also called weight cycling, is hard on your heart.

Dr. Amy Pollak says one way to avoid the problems associated with yo-yo dieting is to eat according to the Mediterranean diet, which incorporates fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, nuts, low-fat dairy and using herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor foods.

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, reporter Vivien Williams talks to Dr. Pollak about the health risks of yo-yo dieting and how to work in a healthier, stable eating plan.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

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