• By Robert Nellis

Mayo Plans Residential Mental Illness Recovery Care Option

February 5, 2016

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ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic plans to build a pair of adjacent residential recovery homes across from Mayo Clinic Hospital – Saint Marys Campus in Rochester for adults with mental illness. The homes and the services offered there are designed for individuals living with mental illness who are stable and have a desire to succeed in their recovery but need additional support to learn how to manage their illness. Staff members will offer residents on-site, around-the-clock support in a supervised environment structured to support personalized treatment and community involvement.

These residences are being made possible through a generous gift to Mayo Clinic from The Sylvan C. Herman Foundation, founder of ClearView Communities, a residential rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness in Frederick, Maryland. They will be named in memory of Sylvan Herman’s son and collectively be known as the John E. Herman House in collaboration with ClearView Communities.

The John E. Herman House will be located on property Mayo Clinic owns along 14th Avenue Southwest across from the Saint Marys Campus. With this location, the homes’ residents will have convenient access to outpatient treatment programs of Mayo Clinic's Department of Psychiatry and Psychology located in the Generose Building. Each home will host 6 to 10 residents and will share an on-site treatment space.

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“The residents of these homes will be individuals who are investing in their health, so they can be good neighbors and contribute to their communities,” says Mark Frye, M.D., chair, Mayo Clinic Department of Psychiatry and Psychology. “This new facility will help extend Mayo Clinic’s multidisciplinary care team model into a residential home setting. Physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, mental health technicians and social workers will be involved with onsite residential care support for the home’s residents and the delivery of seamless and appropriate care. This new recovery care option will help extend Mayo Clinic’s multidisciplinary care team model into a residential setting.”

The program will use principles and treatment models developed by ClearView Communities, paired with Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise, to offer a comfortable home environment to promote healing and help residents prepare for independent living. Residents will participate in activities that support community inclusion, including work, school and volunteering.

“Mayo Clinic will support individuals and their ongoing care with this program as there is an unmet need for this kind of residential care,” said Brian Palmer, M.D., Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and John E. Herman House medical director. “We believe providing patients with resources like this in a residential setting like this will lead to better outcomes and ultimately help them in their recovery.”

Formal construction plans and timelines are being determined.


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