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    Mayo Clinic Platform and Techcyte announce a strategic collaboration to transform the global practice of pathology

ROCHESTER, Minn. and OREM, Utah — Mayo Clinic Platform, a collaborative ecosystem for healthcare innovation, and Techcyte, a world leader in AI-based digital pathology, are working together to transform the global practice of pathology through the creation of a digital pathology platform.  

The digital pathology platform will pioneer and fundamentally reshape the next generation of pathology services with an open, end-to-end, AI driven solution to advance treatments, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and provide worldwide access to industry-leading pathology services. The platform will enable healthcare organizations worldwide to economically digitize their pathology practices and use innovative technical and AI workflow solutions. 

"Mayo Clinic puts the needs of the patient first. That inspires us to innovate, discovering new cures and testing new care models across the many domains of medicine. Our collaboration with Techcyte will produce a global digital pathology platform, bringing together privacy-protected data sources, solution developers, and caregivers," says John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

The software as a service-based digital pathology platform is an extension of Techcyte's successful clinical pathology platform and will create an open AI-enabled anatomic pathology ecosystem that is standards-driven and workflow-focused. The digital pathology platform will enable the integration ofa diverse community of pathologists, LIS vendors, whole slide scanner manufacturers, storage, AI providers, biopharma, and labs.

"We're humbled at the opportunity to build on our existing relationship with Mayo Clinic by working with Mayo Clinic Platform to build an open, AI-enabled workflow platform for digital pathology," says Ben Cahoon, CEO of Techcyte. "This will be the only platform in the world that unites clinical and anatomic pathology into one solution that improves the lives of pathologists, their clinical colleagues, and the patients they serve."

This new effort builds upon a clinical pathology collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Techcyte to digitize diagnostic testing in lab medicine.

"This new collaboration is exciting," says Bobbi Pritt, M.D., chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic. "The combination of Mayo Clinic's diagnostic expertise with Techcyte's digital workflows will shape the future of both the clinical and anatomical pathology practices."


About Mayo Clinic Platform
 Founded on Mayo Clinic's dedication to patient-centered care, Mayo Clinic Platform enables new knowledge, new solutions and new technologies through collaborations with health technology innovators to create a healthier world.

About Techcyte
 Founded in 2013 in Orem, Utah, Techcyte is a world leader in AI-based digital diagnostics, including clinical and anatomic pathology. Techcyte’s AI and workflow platform uses AI to perform analysis of whole slide images, transforming diagnostics for human, animal, and environmental labs around the world.

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