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    Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate graduation provides glimpse into future of medicine

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ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate celebrated the graduation of its third cohort of health tech startups, including 12 national and international innovative businesses. During the event, held in Rochester, Minnesota, on July 28, each company presented progress and outcomes from the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate program, providing a glimpse into the future of medicine.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate is an immersive 20-week accelerator program giving participants an opportunity to validate the clinical readiness of their artificial intelligence-driven solutions - with the power of the Mayo Clinic data network - and advance their business plans. The program has helped participants explore ways to improve healthcare in a variety of areas.

Learn more about the members of Cohort 3:

  • AccurKardia: To enable access to remote cardiac care for patients globally, AccurKardia developed a system approved by the Food and Drug Administration to deliver fully automated clinical-grade ECG analytics to cardiac monitoring companies, telehealth and remote patient monitoring companies. The company is based in New York City.
  • Acorai: To reduce hospital readmissions and length of stay, and improve patient outcomes related to heart failure, Acorai created an intracardiac pressure monitoring solution using a noninvasive sensor and machine learning to provide continuous insights. The company is based in Sweden.
  • Basys.ai: Basys.ai’s platform facilitates the implementation of value-based care for health plans and health systems, from prior authorization to utilization management, to improve care and transparency, and reduce cost and administrative burden. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Empallo: To anticipate adverse cardiovascular events, enable personalized treatment and facilitate clinical trial categorization, Empallo uses machine learning to extract digital biomarkers to identify patient risk of cardiovascular syndromes and diseases, based on multimodal data. The company is a spinoff from MIT, based in Boston.
  • FemTherapeutics: Using a combination of medical devices and software to personalize medicine for women, FemTherapeutics uses both an AI cloud-based platform and 3D printing to produce patient-specific gynecological prosthetics for noninvasive treatment of pelvic health conditions, including pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The company is based in Montreal.
  • HeartKinetics: Aiming to revolutionize management of heart failure and intercept cardiovascular disease before symptoms appear, HeartKinetics specializes in remote detection and monitoring, combining a patient-facing mobile app for data collection and an AI-based predictive insights platform for providers. The company is based in Belgium.
  • NeoPrediX: NeoPrediX has developed AI-based decision support tools for maternal, neonatal and perinatal screening, to anticipate risk of jaundice in newborns, improve speed and accuracy of clinical decision-making, and to make personalized care decisions early in life. The company is a spinoff from the University of Basel, and has offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • NXgenPort: To personalize "hospital at home" care, NXgenPort developed a system to remotely manage patients between chemotherapy treatments. Using an implantable Smart Port sensor and machine learning, NXgenPort alerts providers to early signs of infection and continuous monitoring of the course of disease and treatment. The company is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • OpenEvidence: OpenEvidence addresses "information overload" for providers, who must keep up with the latest research and clinical evidence, despite exponential growth in biomedical literature. OpenEvidence uses AI to screen and summarize key findings, providing an unbiased literature analysis in an understandable, clinically useful format. The company is based in Los Angeles.
  • Peerbridge Health: To predict and diagnose chronic illness risks, including heart failure, obstructive sleep apnea and diabetes, Peerbridge Health has built an intelligent ECG platform, combining high-quality data collection from a wireless wearable and AI insights to deliver diagnostics and real-time monitoring of patient health. The company is based in New York City.
  • Saigeware: To enable high-accuracy health risk stratification and patient monitoring (for challenges like stroke recovery), Saigeware uses an evidence base of phenotypic markers to create predictive insights from AI/machine learning algorithms to improve screening, prevent hospital readmissions and monitor population health status. The company is based in Bangalore, India.
  • U-Care Medical: U-Care Medical created a clinical-grade AI analytics platform for acute intensive care, leveraging one of the largest Intensive Care databases in the world and a proprietary data-analytics platform, to deliver data-driven insights for clinical complications within Intensive Care Units, and to reduce costs and mortality rates. The company is a spinoff of Polytechnic of Turin and is based in Italy.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate program offers participating startups:

  • Access to deidentified clinical data in a secure environment.
  • AI model validation with guidance from data science experts.
  • Exploratory collaboration discussions with clinical experts.
  • Guidance to understand Food and Drug Administration clearance pathways.
  • Support to plan clinical validation studies, such as clinical simulation or clinical research trials.

As part of this in-kind investment, Mayo Clinic Platform has an equity position in the companies.

According to Eric Harnisch, vice president, Partner Programs, Mayo Clinic Platform, prior cohorts have already received attention from potential investors, healthcare providers and others who want to support the work of these health tech startups. He says, “Accelerate companies are already helping transform care by providing affiliate hospitals with novel AI solutions, obtaining new investors from our Accelerate graduation showcase, partnering with other startups in the Mayo Clinic Platform ecosystem, and more."

Applications for the fourth Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate cohort are open to early-stage health tech startups and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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