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    Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Type 1 diabetes in children

a young child, perhaps with diabetes, having a blood test administered by a medical staff person wearing gloves in a hospital or exam room

Type 1 diabetes in children is a condition in which a child's body no longer produces insulin, an important hormone. The missing insulin needs to be replaced with injections or with an insulin pump. The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in children can be overwhelming. Depending on his or her age, the child must learn how to give injections, count carbohydrates and monitor blood sugar. There's no cure for Type 1 diabetes in children, but it can be managed effectively.

This edition of the Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast features an #AskMayoMom episode, which is hosted by Dr. Angela Mattke, a pediatrician at Mayo Clinic Children's Center. Joining Dr. Mattke to discuss Type 1 diabetes in children are Dr. Ana Creo, a pediatric endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic, and Janet Hansen, a pediatric diabetes nurse coordinator at Mayo Clinic Children's Center.