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    Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: What parents should know about the new hepatitis outbreak in children

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At least 20 countries and 10 U.S. states have identified unusual hepatitis cases in children. Experts advise that cases are extremely rare, with just under 300 children affected worldwide.

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. It is most commonly caused by a viral infection, although there are other potential causes. A common adenovirus is being investigated as a potential cause for this hepatitis outbreak. Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that typically cause respiratory and GI tract infections.

On this special Ask the Mayo Mom edition of the Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, host Dr. Angela Mattke discusses the recent hepatitis outbreak in children with Mayo Clinic Children’s Center experts Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a pediatric infectious diseases expert, and Dr. Sara Hassan, a pediatric transplant hepatologist and gastroenterologist.

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