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medical illustration depicting bacteria and the human microbiome

Ecosystems usually refer to places on the earth, like forests or deserts. But our bodies have ecosystems, too. Collectively called the "human microbiome," these communities of organisms help keep us healthy. On the next Mayo Clinic Radio, gastroenterologist Dr. Purna Kashyap discusses how the human microbiome works. Also on the program, infectious disease specialist Dr. Pritish Tosh explains when it might be OK to stop taking an antibiotic early. Stool transplantation is being used to treat serious digestive diseases, and gastroenterologist Dr. Sahil Khanna describes how this new treatment works. And physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Nathan LeBrasseur talks about ways to slow the aging process.

Myth or Matter-of-Fact: It's OK to stop taking an antibiotic before the prescribed time is up if symptoms have gone away.

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