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On Saturday, Nov. 9, Elaine Wirrell, M.D., and Jerry Shih, M.D., will join us for a program all about epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. Seizure symptoms vary, but but even mild seizures may require treatment because they can be hazardous during activities like driving or swimming. 

1 in 100 of us may  experience a seizure during our lifetime, but it may or may  not be epilepsy-related. Tune in Saturday to get the low down on this treatable condition.

Myth or Matter of Fact: People are born with epilepsy.

Note: You can hear the program LIVE Saturdays at 9 am CT on I Heart Radio via KROC AM. The show is taped for rebroadcast by some affiliates. On Twitter follow #MayoClinicRadio and tweet your questions.

Listen to this week’s Medical News Headlines: News Segment November 9, 2013(1) (right click MP3).    

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