• COVID-19

    Mayo Clinic Radio: 4/11/20

The Mayo Clinic Radio program shares the latest information on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Dr. Stacey Rizza, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist, gives a view from the front lines of the fight against the disease. And Dr. Jessica Lancaster, a Mayo Clinic immunology researcher, explains how aging affects the immune system.

Then in an encore presentation of Mayo Clinic Radio, Dr. Dale Ekbom, a Mayo Clinic otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon, explains treatment options for vocal cord paralysis. And Dr. Abdallah El Sabbagh, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, discusses mitral valve regurgitation, a heart condition.

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Information in this post was accurate at the time of its posting. Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientific understanding along with guidelines and recommendations may have changed since the original publication date

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for additional updates on COVID-19. For more information and all your COVID-19 coverage, go to the Mayo Clinic News Network and mayoclinic.org.