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Mayo Clinic Radio: Cardiac Arrest

June 9, 2014

Miss the show? Here is the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio Full Show 6-14-2014 44 min mp3

Every day more than a thousand people in the United States experience sudden cardiac arrest and it kills several hundred thousand people every year. On the next Mayo Clinic Radio, Saturday, June 14, at 9 am CT, Roger White, M.D., will join us to discuss what happens to your heart during cardiac arrest.  What should you do to help until an ambulance arrives?  Where can you learn CPR?  How do you use an automatic external defibrillator? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more on the next program.  Join us!

Myth or Fact:  Perform CPR before you use an AED when you suspect someone is having a cardiac arrest.

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Why isn't this option offered in Rochester? We've been told at WW meetings that Mayo won't allow meetings on campus.


@Barb – Mayo is committed to the health and wellness of all employees. Different programs are available at different locations. If you are interested in joining Weight Watchers, please visit their website for a location near you. We are very happy you are


Will this also be offered in AZ? I know of at least 25 people here who would go to meetings if offered on campus. WW has been mentioned MANY times in Livewell Lectures as a wonderful program. Staff is encouraged to go yet why is there just a class offered in FL and not the other campuses? I understand different programs available at different campuses however this really does nto cost Mayo anything to have classes here. Staff would pay for themselves but have the ease and support of others they work with at a meeting on location. It would just be a great thing if we could have it at all campuses.


@Stephanie – Arizona in is the process of asking employees what they would like to see in regards to wellness programs and activities. Based on the results of this wellness interest survey, we will create a plan and start putting programs in place where


@Barb – Glad to see your interest in a weight management program, such as Weight Watchers. The DAHLC in Rochester offers a variety of weight management programs, including Why Weight which is open to all Mayo employees (not just DAHLC members). Why Weight

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