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    Mayo Clinic Radio: COPD & Mindfulness

Miss the show? Here's the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio Full Show 6-7-14 44min mp3

Dr. John Wald joined us to discuss the new HealthKit that  Apple unveiled at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 keynote address. HealthKit, is a digital repository for various types of health- and fitness-related data.
Listen to his interview: John Wald HealthKit w Tom Shives and Tracy McCray


Something as simple as breathing can be stressful and painful. Saturday, June 7, Roberto Benzo, M.D., will be our expert guest to discuss breathing techniques for patients that blend traditional care with "mindfulness." The  result has been shorter hospital stays. How does mindful meditation help and who is a candidate? Also, what do you know about COPD?

Myth or Matter of Fact:  Only smokers get COPD.

Read more in this article from Discovery's Edge.

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