• Mayo Clinic Radio: Headaches/Ebola Update/Newborn Care

a medical illustration of headaches - tension, migraine, cluster

Tune in this week for an encore performance of Mayo Clinic Radio.

A headache is usually just a minor inconvenience. But, some headaches, including migraines, can ruin your whole day. In the next episode of Mayo Clinic Radio, neurologist Dr. Michael Cutrer discusses the different types of headache, what causes them and how they're treated. Also on the program, the West African Ebola epidemic has been declared over by the World Health Organization. The outbreak, which lasted two years and took more than 11,000 lives, raised concerns about a possible worldwide pandemic. Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Pritish Tosh explains what's been learned that might help prevent another epidemic. And, family medicine specialist Dr. Summer Allen offers helpful tips on newborn care.

Myth or Matter-of-Fact: Migraine headaches can begin at any age, though most people have their first migraine during adolescence.

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