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    Mayo Clinic to host inaugural Digital Health Research Symposium

Healthcare professionals are invited to register and join the free two-hour, virtual event featuring presentations from industry leaders about the digital evolution of clinical care.  

The Mayo Clinic Center for Digital Health will host Mayo Clinic's inaugural Digital Health Research Symposium on Wednesday, March 20, from noon to 2 p.m. CDT.

The free virtual event will feature a multidisciplinary group of clinician-scientists who will share innovative digital health research.

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"Digital health helps patients connect to care in new ways," says Bart Demaerschalk, M.D., medical director of Digital Health Research and Outcomes, Center for Digital Health. "Through scientific research, we continue to expand innovative pathways to care. The symposium will increase visibility of current research focused on innovation to advance digital health for patients and healthcare staff."

"Mayo Clinic is a leader in digital health innovation, and we're excited to bring together researchers and experts from across the enterprise and the digital health community," says Chris Wittich, M.D., Pharm.D., medical director of Practice and Enablement, Center for Digital Health. "Through this important work, new learnings will be discovered to improve and transform healthcare."  

Event details

The symposium will feature panels and presentations highlighting scalability, patient engagement and team dynamics in digital health:

Panel Discussion: "The Current State of Digital Solutions"

An opening discussion will feature the following panelists:

Scientific Abstract Presentations: "Novel Works in Development"

Each scientific abstract presentation will be 10 minutes, including time for questions:


  • "Validating a Portable, Camera-Based System to Scale the Clinical Gait Assessment as a Telehealth Solution," Kevin Mazurek, Ph.D., Neurology Artificial Intelligence, Mayo Clinic.
  • "Transforming Large Language Models into Superior Clinical Decision Support Tools by Embedding Clinical Practice Guidelines," Xiaoxi Yao, Ph.D., M.P.H., Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Scientific Director for Pragmatic Trials and Evaluation, Mayo Clinic.

Patient Engagement

  • "Identifying Patient Preferences for Information about Healthcare AI: A Discrete Choice Experiment," Xuan Zhu, Ph.D., Health Care Policy and Research, Mayo Clinic.
  • "Impact of an Automated Digital Navigation Program on Colonoscopy No-Show Rates: A Study in an Underserved Population," Morish Shah, UC Davis Health, University of California, Davis.

Team Dynamics

  • "Utilization of Emergency Medicine Telehealth Support for Pediatric Patients in Community Emergency Departments," Elizabeth Fogelson, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Mayo Clinic.
  • "Developing a Neighborhood for Care: Empowering Clinical Team Dynamics in New Physical Space," Allison Matthews, experience design lead, Bold. Forward. Unbound. in Rochester, Mayo Clinic; Adam Copeland, Ph.D., digital strategy director, Center for Digital Health, Mayo Clinic.

Panel Discussion: "Key Highlights and Clinical Practice Implications"

A closing discussion will feature the following panelists: