• Mayo Expert featured in America Cooks with Chefs

Donald Hensrud,Caucasian male on camera, looking to the right. M.D., Medical Director for the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, recently participated in the filming of a video series with America Cooks with Chefs, a nationwide health and wellness movement that paired up six contestants from across the country with award-winning celebrity chefs to teach each contestant how to create healthier versions of their favorite high-calorie dishes, without sacrificing taste.

In one of the episodes, contestant Michael Angelo Gonzales is teamed up with chef Michelle Bernstein of Miami’s Seagrape, who teaches Michael a heart-healthy version of a traditional Latin dish he enjoys, but was not helping high blood pressure. In the episode, Dr. Hensrud offers Michael advice about ways to lower his high blood pressure.

America Cooks with Chefs will highlight Mayo’s expert knowledge about health, wellness and preventive care, along with programs and products in news articles and videos around various wellness topics. In addition to those activities, the contestants will compete in a live cooking challenge at the Clinton Health Matters Initiative Conference in January 2015, where Mayo will participate in the judging at the event.

Through an educational and entertaining cooking competition, America Cooks with Chefs provides videos and resources to inspire people to make healthier choices in their daily lives. The initiative is an effort between Palisades Media Ventures, the Clinton Foundation, and the James Beard Foundation and is sponsored by Deloitte, Weight Watchers, Barilla, Mayo Clinic and Aetna. For more information visit www.AmericaCooksWithChefs.com.

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