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    Mayo Historical Suite: A Step Back in Time

Plummer Board Room
The Plummer Board Room

Take a step back in time to the bustling days of 1928 when the Plummer Building first opened its doors as the “new” Mayo Clinic Building. Today, we can still experience a bit of the setting by visiting the Historical Suite on the third floor of the building.

Upon entering the suite, one sees photographs of friends and professional colleagues of the Mayo brothers hanging on the walls. The brothers traveled extensively throughout the world learning from other physicians.

The academic regalia and honorary degrees and awards of the Mayo brothers’ that are on display are a testament to their accomplishments. When one views the medical and surgical instruments of the 19th century, one appreciates the advances made in medicine. Seeing the restored offices of Drs. Will and Charlie Mayo and the Board of Governors room allows one to feel the sense of Mayo’s rich culture and heritage.

Dr. W.J. Mayo's Last Office
Dr. W.J. Mayo's Last Office

The Mayo’s legacy lives on and is an inspiration to all who work here at Mayo Clinic. Their hard work and dedication to their patients and their fostering education and research as part of Mayo’s mission has not changed over the years.

Mayo Clinic continues to provide the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research. The foundation was set over a century ago and continues to be built upon today.

This story was submitted by Mayo's Historical Unit Coordinator, Renee Ziemer.

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