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    Mayo Medical School Involved in “Match Day”

Mayo Medical School's class of 2011, along with medical school seniors throughout the country, had been anxiously awaiting Match Day on Thursday, March 17, 2011. Through the ceremonial opening of envelopes, those medical students learned where they will undertake their residency training.

Patricia A. Barrier, M.D. explains the significance of this important day:

The Match Day event also marks each participant's progression from student to practicing physician. Becoming a physician is a long and rigorous academic pursuit, requiring four years of medical school and three to 11 years of residency and fellowship training.

Get a glimpse of the excitement by watching this interview with Mayo Medical School student Elizabeth J. Wilkinson and her dad, John M. Wilkinson, M.D., who is also a Mayo Medical School graduate and current Mayo Clinic physician:

Mayo Medical School was established in 1972, and has a 100 percent graduation rate. Ninety percent of its senior students annually "match" within their top three residency choices.

Hoping to match with his top residency choice, Brian A. Braithwaite also waited in anticipation on March 17. Watch below to hear what this Mayo Medical School student had to say and his reaction to his "match":