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    Mayo to support Hurricane Ian disaster relief

Mayo Clinic has a long history of caring for the communities it serves during times of natural disaster. To provide support, Mayo will contribute $250,000 to the American Red Cross Fund for Hurricane Ian disaster relief efforts.

Mayo Clinic is saddened by the devastation and loss suffered by many people across areas of coastal and central Florida due to Hurricane Ian. Communities quickly felt Ian's impact with major flooding, storm surges, and high winds resulting in loss of life and significant structural damage that spans nearly 100 miles along western coastlines and many miles inland.

To the people who have been affected by this disaster, Mayo extends its deepest sympathy.

The American Red Cross response has been swift. The organization has 1,200 volunteers on the ground with more on the way, has provided 120,000 meals, and is working to open feeding kitchens in partnership with Southern Baptist that will be able to provide 40,000 meals each day. They continue to provide shelter to thousands and answer calls for assistance.

How you can help

As in all disasters, financial contributions to reputable organizations are among the best ways for individuals to assist with relief efforts. Many other organizations are assisting with relief efforts. If you choose to give to an organization other than the Red Cross, you're encouraged to visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency website for a list of vetted organizations. When giving to charity, exercise caution, look for reputable organizations, and beware of scams.