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    #MayoClinicRadio podcast: 12/21/19

Listen: Mayo Clinic Radio 12/21/19

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Michelle Mielke, a Mayo Clinic epidemiologist and an author on a study published recently in American Academy of Neurology, explains how memory testing is used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Also on the podcast, Dr. Matthew Carlson, a Mayo Clinic otorhinolaryngologist, and Dr. Aniket Saoji, a Mayo Clinic audiologist, discuss cochlear implants for adults. Then Dr. Richa Sood, a Mayo Clinic general internal medicine physician, explains why optimism is good for your health. And Dr. Paul Friedman and Dr. Suraj Kapa — both Mayo Clinic cardiologists — explain how artificial intelligence (AI) and an EKG can predict your physiological age.