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    MEDIA ADVISORY: Mayo physician creates industry runway for students of color

MEDIA ADVISORY: Mayo physician creates industry runway for students of color

February is Black History Month, and Dr. Alyx Porter, a neuro-oncologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, is committed to increasing diversity in medicine.

  • There are less than five black women practicing neuro oncology in the U.S., and Dr. Porter is one of them. 
  • She formed the nonprofit ElevateMeD along with her husband to provide scholarships and support to medical students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine in support of the next generation of diverse physician leaders in health care.
  • She is the medical director of the Undergraduate Plummer Scholars program, the largest medical pathway program at Mayo Clinic to promote diversity in medicine.
  • She is chair of the executive operating team for Outpatient Practice at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and the medical director for the Outpatient Practice and Office of Access Management.
  • She is one of the founding co-chairs of the Women and Diversity Committee within the Society for Neuro-Oncology, established to support women and diverse clinicians, investigators and learners through education, mentorship and resources.
  • She’s the co-author of a bestselling resource for patients and families coping with brain tumors, "Navigating Life with a Brain Tumor," published in 2013 with a second edition coming out in 2024.

Are you interested in speaking with Dr. Porter about her work and how she’s helping others follow their dreams in medicine, no matter their color or orientation?

Dr. Porter is available this month to talk about:

  • Her path to becoming a brain tumor specialist and how she chose that career (hint: Dr. Cliff Huxtable from "The Cosby Show" played a big role).
  • ElevateMeD and how she reaches young people of color.
  • Why diversity in medicine matters.
  • How to get involved.

For interviews with Dr. Porter contact:

Name: Erin Mathe

Phone: 952.261.8148

Email: Erin@theienetwork.com

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