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    MEDIA ADVISORY: Mayo physician seeks to help young adults with congenital heart failure before it’s too late

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February is American Heart Month, and a largely unaddressed condition affecting thousands of young people is at the center of a Mayo Clinic cardiologist’s practice. Dr. Luke Burchill is the link between what young adults with congenital heart disease need to survive and thrive.

  • Did you know a whopping 40,000 babies each year are born with congenital heart disease in the U.S.?  But many of those same babies survive, only to unnecessarily risk premature death in young adulthood?
  • Once these children get to adulthood, the medical community may fail to recognize this chronic, life-threatening disease, leading to a higher risk of premature death.

What should these survivors know before their disease takes a turn for the worse?

Dr. Burchill  is available this month to talk about:

  • The need for “radical listening” in health care and the importance of respecting patients as experts in their own lives.
  • Why so many young adults with congenital heart disease don’t know they are suffering from heart failure.
  • A new care system at the Mayo Clinic: Adult Congenital Heart Failure Care Pathway.
  • What can be done to educate people about heart failure and their treatment options.

For interviews with Dr. Burchill contact:

Name: Erin Mathe

Phone: 952.261.8148

Email: Erin@theienetwork.com