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    MONDAY HOUSECALL: Flu Symptoms, Holiday Survival Tips, Job Burnout and more …

Featured Topic Flu symptoms self-assessment: Do you have the flu? 
Answer these flu symptoms questions to find out whether you may have the flu.

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Job burnout: How to spot it and take action
Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks
Multiple sclerosis
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Expert Answers with Mayo Clinic Specialists 
Flu and pregnancy: Is antiviral medication safe?

Marijuana and depression: What's the link?
Lipovarin: An effective weight-loss supplement?
Baby brain: Does it exist?
Coconut oil: Can it cure hypothyroidism?

Healthy Recipes    
Smoked trout spread 
Spinach dip with mushrooms
Sweet and spicy snack mix
Chickpea hummus

Living with diabetes: Traveling with diabetes, insulin pumps 
Nutrition-wise: Healthy gift ideas for the holidays
Stress: Holiday survival tips
Alzheimer's: Caregivers have a great gift to share with each other — their stories
Living with cancer: Living with cancer patient and family conference coming

Health Digest  
Hunter syndrome
Sweet's syndrome
Bone metastasis
Abdominal hysterectomy

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