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    MONDAY HOUSECALL: Home Pregnancy Tests, Energy Drinks, Adult Acne and more …

FEATURED TOPIC Flu symptoms: Self-care for the flu — Flu symptoms can make you feel awful, but if you're basically healthy and you're not pregnant, take care of yourself at home rather than going to your doctor.

Home pregnancy tests: Can you trust the results? 
Video: CT scan 
Slide show: Sleeping positions that reduce back pain 
Gene therapy 
Mental illness in children: Know the signs

Expert Answers with Mayo Clinic Specialists 
Tumor vs. cyst: What's the difference? 

Junk food blues: Are depression and diet related? 
Energy drinks: Do they really boost energy? 
Walking poles: Good for brisk walking? 
Adult acne: Can natural hormone treatments help?

Healthy Recipes  
Baked macaroni 
Pork chops with black currant jam sauce 
Braised celery root 
Best honey whole wheat bread  

Nutrition-wise: Are sports supplements sabotaging you? 
Pregnancy and you: Breast pumps — Choices abound 

Health Digest
Ortho Evra (contraceptive patch) 

Hypoxemia (low blood oxygen) 
Barium enema 

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