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MONDAY HOUSECALL: Psychotherapy, Dental Floss, Palliative Care and more …

January 21, 2013

Featured Topic  Flu shot: Your best bet for avoiding influenza - Get answers to your flu shot questions.  

Hand washing: Do's and don'ts
Palliative care: Symptom relief during illness
Keratosis pilaris 

Expert Answers with Mayo Clinic Specialists  
Sulfa allergy: Which medications should I avoid?

Will an air purifier eliminate cigarette smoke?
Dental floss vs. water pick: Which is better?
Down syndrome blood test: How does it work?
Vitamin D toxicity: What if you get too much? 

Healthy Recipes  
Cod with lemon and capers
Savory buckwheat pilaf with toasted spices
Broiled white sea bass
Seared endive 

Stress: Adversity offers opportunity for personal growth 
Nutrition-wise: Restaurant trends — What's on the menu for 2013? 
Living with diabetes: Tips for developing healthy habits 
Alzheimer's: Research advances, but real caring is also key in Alzheimer's effort 
Living with cancer: Reflections on 2012 trends from cancer survivors 

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