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MONDAY HOUSECALL: Training Injuries, Lung CT Scan, Cosmetic Surgery, Hypnosis and more …

March 18, 2013


FEATURED TOPIC Overuse injury: How to prevent training injuries 
To avoid an overuse injury, pace yourself and follow proper training techniques. Try these tips to stay injury-free.

Lung CT scan for cancer: Should you be screened? 
Alzheimer's treatments: What's on the horizon? 
Cosmetic surgery: What to know beforehand
Baby bath basics: A parent's guide 
Vaccines for adults: Which do you need?

Expert Answers with Mayo Clinic Specialists
Blood clots during menstruation: A concern? 
Sunburn treatment: Do I need medical attention? 
Prolotherapy: Solution to low back pain?
Atypical cells: Are they cancer?
Fiber supplements: Safe to take every day?

Healthy Recipes 
Potato-fennel soup
Irish brown bread
Beef stew with fennel and shallots
Roasted potatoes

Stress: Your attitude affects your reality
The Mayo Clinic Diet: Myths about weight loss
Alzheimer's: Teamwork unites caregivers, those with dementia
Living with cancer: Colon cancer awareness first step toward prevention
Nutrition-wise: Are there whole-grain options that are gluten-free?

Health Digest 
Mold allergy 

Childhood disintegrative disorder
Viral hemorrhagic fevers
Red eye

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