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    MONDAY HOUSECALL: Weight-Loss Surgery, Diphtheria, Terrible Twos and more …


FEATURED TOPIC Hospice care: Comforting the terminally ill 
Hospice care provides comfort — rather than a cure — to the terminally ill.  Find out what to expect.

Hammertoe and mallet toe 
Teen sleep: Why is your teen so tired? 
Healthy diet: Do you follow dietary guidelines? 
Guide to types of weight-loss surgery 
Pregnancy after miscarriage: What you need to know

Expert Answers with Mayo Clinic Specialists 
Terrible twos: Why are 2-year-olds so difficult? 

Prostate cancer metastasis: Where does prostate cancer spread?
Fallopian tubes: Is pregnancy possible with only one?
Ground flaxseed: Better than whole? 
Walking: Is it enough for weight loss?

Healthy Recipes 
Tuna pita pockets 
Spicy ground turkey tacos 
Fruit salsa 'n' sweet chips

Stress: Recognizing that life is unfair
Alzheimer's: Gratitude is the one pill everyone should be prescribed 
Nutrition-wise: Does diet have a role in rheumatoid arthritis? 
Living with diabetes: Types of diabetes — What are the differences? 
Living with cancer: How new cancer drugs are developed

Health Digest  
Inguinal hernia

Whooping cough
Esophageal varices
Diabetes insipidus

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