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THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIESwoman holding bag of vegetables for vegetarian diet
Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition
Going vegetarian means excluding certain foods. But you can still get the nutrients you need from other sources. Use this helpful guide.

Lyme disease
Grassy and heavily wooded areas can be home to ticks, which can carry Lyme disease. Get tips on prevention and how to spot the telltale signs.

Natural acne treatment: What's most effective?
From aloe vera to zinc, find out if any natural treatments can give you clearer skin.

Strength training sets: How many for best results?
Wondering about workouts with weights? One set of strength training exercises is generally as effective as multiple sets.

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Nasal congestion
Sprain: First aid
Secondhand smoke: Avoid dangers in the air
Testosterone therapy: Potential benefits and risks as you age

Cream of wild rice soup
Roasted turkey with balsamic sauce
Brown rice pilaf
Warm chocolate souffles

Are energy drinks bull?
Thanks to a large amount of sugar and caffeine, energy drinks might give you a temporary energy boost. But too much sugar from energy drinks can add extra pounds. And too much caffeine can cause adverse side effects, such as nervousness, stomach upset, irritability, increased heart rate and insomnia. There are better ways to boost your energy. For example, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

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Nutrition-wise: More reasons to eat less salt
Blood pressure isn't the only reason to go easy on the salt. Too much sodium can also affect the brain, heart and kidneys.