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Housecall BannerSports dumbbells in modern sports club.THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES
Weight training: Do's and don'ts of proper technique
Take advantage of weight training's benefits — less fat, more strength, better muscle tone and greater bone density. Avoid common mistakes and prevent injury with these tips.

Meatless meals: The benefits of eating less meat
Beside saving money, going meatless a few times a week may also help your heart. Here are some easy and tasty swaps to make.

Hoodia: Does this dietary supplement help?

Hoodia manufacturers say the supplement controls appetite, but where's the evidence to back up these claims?

Do I really need an annual eye exam to prevent macular edema?
Regular eye exams are an important tool for preventing diabetes-related eye complications. Don't skip your yearly screening.

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Muscle pain
Ulcerative colitis
Quit-smoking medicines: Boost your chance of success
Salmonella infection

Fresh tomato soup with crispy herb toasts
Seared scallops with new potatoes and field greens
Baby minted carrots
Cod with lemon and capers

Take your sandals to the gym, pool
To protect your feet from athlete's foot and foot warts (plantar warts), don't go barefoot in public areas. Make sure to wear waterproof sandals or shower shoes in communal showers, pools, locker rooms and fitness centers.

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Nutrition-wise: Ingredients for the perfect picnic
Celebrate the season with a picnic. These tips on prepping food, choosing the right spot and more can help ensure that your outing is safe and fun.

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