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woman outside on bicycle drinking waterTHIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES
Water: How much should you drink every day?
Does the advice about drinking 8 glasses of water a day still apply? See how exercise, illness and where you live all play a role.

Food poisoning: Prevention
You've got charcoal for the grill, but at what temperature should you cook meat? And how do you defrost foods safely? Here's how to make your cookout a healthy one.

Calcium supplements: A risk factor for heart attack?
More studies are needed to see whether taking calcium supplements may put your heart at risk.
Chronic fatigue: Can a natural remedy boost my energy?
Researchers have studied natural ways to ease chronic fatigue, and there's little evidence that the treatments will help.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet: A weight-loss program for life
Video: Biceps curl with dumbbell
Stress management: Prevent setbacks
Gluten-free recipes

Rainbow ice pops
Fresh fruit kebabs with lemon lime dip
Chipotle spiced shrimp
Rice and beans salad

Mood and food: Regain control
Do you eat when you're not hungry? You might be indulging as a response to stress or boredom. Pay attention to when you eat and how you're feeling. If you turn to comfort foods out of habit rather than hunger, try a new tact. Instead of opening a bag of potato chips or unwrapping a candy bar, take a walk, listen to music or watch a movie.

Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover even more healthy lifestyle topics at MayoClinic.org.

Living with diabetes: Step up your activity to help lower risk of diabetes
Step by step, walking and other simple choices may help you ward off diabetes.