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THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIESwoman holding two bottles of sun screen or tanning lotion
Sunless tanning: What you need to know
Sunless tanning products can provide a safe, natural-looking tan — if they're applied carefully and correctly.

Memory loss: When to seek help
Memory loss may indicate normal aging, a treatable condition or the onset of dementia. Find out how to help yourself or a loved one.

Urinary incontinence surgery in women: The next step
If symptoms of stress incontinence or an overactive bladder are disrupting your life, surgery may be an option.

Silver saltshaker with spilled saltEXPERT ANSWERS
Sea salt vs. table salt: What's the difference?
The most notable differences between sea salt and table salt are in their taste, texture and processing.

Coping with anxiety: Can diet make a difference?
Dealing with anxiety is a challenge. Eating habits may play a role.

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Apple-blueberry cobbler
Cod with lemon and capers
Cranberry spritzer
English cucumber salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Blood pressure tip: Know alcohol limits
In small amounts, alcohol can help lower your blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). But that protective effect is lost if you drink too much alcohol, generally more than one drink a day for women and more than two a day for men. Binge drinking in particular can cause large and sudden increases in blood pressure and increase your risk of stroke. If you're a heavy or binge drinker, talk to your doctor about how to reduce your drinking.

Ingrown toenails
Common types of headaches

Nutrition-wise: Eating for eye health
Carrots aren't the only food that helps protect vision and prevent eye diseases. See what else to eat for eye health.


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