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July 14, 2014

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Most of the NODA volunteers who serve as a compassionate companion are our colleagues from almost every department at Mayo. It is an affirmation of their committment to the needs of the patients coming first, from birth to the end of life. So proud that our caring colleagues are willing to give their off-time as volunteers!


Very deserving award. What a wonderful program! Bravo to all involved :o)


Sounds like a great volunteer program! How many volunteers do you currently have on staff and how many patients have you served in the past year?


Great story – amazing program and team!


Congratulations to the team! An incredible program and another reason for pride in Mayo Clinic!


In the first year 138 NODA volunteers served 25 patients (more than double what was anticipated), with 364 hours of vigils. An extensive group of volunteers is vital due to the unpredictability of when a vigil will be called.


Having just gone through the process of losing my father, I can really appreciate both the value and the difficulty of what these volunteers provide. This award is the least of what they deserve for such a wonderful service.


Do we have a team like this at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville?

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