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Heart attack word cloudTHIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES
Cancer causes: Popular myths about the causes of cancer
Myths about secret cancer causes may lead you to worry about your own health and the health of your family. Before you panic, take a look at the facts.

Heart attack symptoms: Know what's a medical emergency
Besides chest pain, do you know the signs of a heart attack? Watch for these symptoms.

Carbohydrates: How carbs fit into a healthy diet
Carbohydrates have numerous health benefits. In fact, your body needs them to function. But some carbs may be better for you than others.

EXPERT ANSWERSgreen leaves of a Ginkgo tree
Ginkgo biloba: Can it prevent memory loss?
Ginkgo biloba is said to prevent memory loss, but study results suggest otherwise.

Salt craving: A symptom of Addison's disease?
Excessive salt craving may indicate an underlying medical condition, such as Addison's disease

Late-day exercise: Can it cause insomnia?
For some people, exercising within a few hours of bedtime may cause problems getting to sleep.

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Tuna steak sandwiches
Chinese-style asparagus
Grilled pork fajitas
Spinach mushroom frittata

Bad cut? You may need a tetanus shot
Minor cuts and scrapes usually don't require medical attention. But if your wound is deep or dirty and your last tetanus shot was more than five years ago, ask your doctor about getting a tetanus booster. Get the booster as soon as possible after the injury.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Fitness program: 5 steps to get started

Nutrition-wise: Savvy salad ideas for summer
Take advantage of summer fruits and vegetables, and try these tips for creating tempting salads.

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