I had been to so many different doctors for my shoulder pain. Was even told it was all in my "head," but my husband and I continued searching for answers. We came to Mayo Clinic in Florida, they ran all kinds of tests, they believed my pain. After all those tests, I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. In my mind I was like okay, good, but please explain to me what I have been feeling. And he did. Dr. Daniel Montero, my Orthopedic doctor took excellent care of me. He never gave up hope for me, that I would recover from this issue.

We decided to do physical therapy, so I visited there Physical Therapy team, and they treated me with excellent service. So for a time, we did several long sessions to see if it would work, and it did for a time. Then we moved on to a pain management team, and Dr. Peter Dorsher. We started injections on the neck to relieve pressure, but to no relief.

I remember that day when Dr. Montero saw me to give me results of an MRI. He entered the room with a smile -- like we have answers. My pain was over a 10+. When an MRI revealed a blocked artery, they immediately sent me to see a vascular doctor. That day I felt a blocks come off my shoulders.

Dr. Farres and his team were wonderful gave me the assurance that I would be back to my active self once again, enjoying life with my family. Surgery was immediately scheduled for November 20, 2013. Even though it has only been five weeks, so far in my recovery, I feel much better. That pain, numbness and weak grip have all disappeared.

I still have a few more months to go to strengthen my arm, but I will forever be go grateful to all the doctors and nurses, and the therapist who took care of me for the past 5 years. I can never repay you all for what you have given me back -- my life, being able to be active with my husband and daughter again, it's just priceless.

At one point I almost gave up hope and was just going to live the rest of my life with pain. But I'm so thankful that you, Mayo Clinic in Florida, never gave up on me. My family and I will always be grateful for your fine work and the wonderful and excellent hospital that you have been to us, and others. We always recommend your doctors to family and friends. Your the Best in my eyes, for believing in me and giving me your trust. A million thank-yous will never be enough for what you have given me back.

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