• National Healthcare Innovation Summit


A sea change is sweeping across the health care industry, and pressure to change and innovate is more critical than ever. And as patients’ expectations change, we must evolve our care delivery. Mayo Clinic’s innovation experts, Nick LaRusso, M.D. and Barbara Spurrier, are speaking at the National Healthcare Innovation Summit in Washington D.C., sharing ideas and lessons for other medical institutions on how to fast-track transformation amidst rapid change.

Mayo Clinic's practice of innovation is not new, but its Center for Innovation (CFI) is using novel ways to transform the experience and delivery of health care for patients everywhere. CFI is developing innovative ideas into practical solutions — transforming how patients receive health care. The patient-centered focus searches for solutions and facilitates the application of these discoveries in the practice of medicine.

Journalists: Sound bites with Dr. LaRusso and Barbara Spurrier are in the downloads

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