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    New Epilepsy Therapy Available at All Mayo Clinic Campuses

Media: Mayo Clinic Experts Available to Discuss New Epilepsy Therapy

People with epilepsy may have a new high-tech way to manage hard-to-control seizures. A new implantable medical device that delivers responsive neurostimulation has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The technology is designed to detect abnormal activity in the brain, respond and deliver subtle levels of electrical stimulation to normalize brain activity before an individual experiences seizures. 

Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota participated in clinical trials and treatment is available at all three campuses.

Read news release.

Journalists: To interview a Mayo Clinic expert about the medical device e-mail newsbureau@mayo.edu or call 507-284-5005. Sound bites with neurologist Joseph Sirven, M.D., are available in the downloads. B-roll of 


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