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    New podcast: ‘Rapid Genome Sequencing’ 

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Exercise is good for your brain, as is learning about precision medicine from renowned experts. Now you can do both at the same time. Get your headphones and tune in to the latest episode of Mayo Clinic's new podcast: "The Pursuit of Precision: The Science Advancing Individualized Medicine."

April 5, Episode 4: ‘Rapid Genome Sequencing 

Cathy Wurzer, a broadcast journalist from Minnesota Public Radio talks with two genomics experts about rapid genome sequencing, a technique used to sequence DNA quickly and efficiently. 

Mayo Clinic offers this test for newborns where they sequence the entire genome of the baby and compare it to the parent’s DNA to identify the causes of severely ill newborn babies. Find out more about this new field of genomic medicine, the ethics involved and the potential and hurdles of using genome-based newborn screening as a standard of care in the future.  

Guests are:

“Our understanding of genetic contributions to disease is constantly evolving and getting more and more comprehensive. There are genetic diseases discovered today and yesterday that we didn’t know about a month ago or a year ago and tomorrow there will be more. The beauty of the genome is that the child’s genetics will not change as their phenotype evolves, as their clinical story evolves.” - Dr. Lanpher

“We’re entering a golden era when we can realistically offer this to every child who needs it.” - Dr. Kingsmore  

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April 19: Clinical Trial Design 

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