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    New podcast: ‘The Pursuit of Precision: The Science Advancing Individualized Medicine’

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A new podcast series focusing on in-depth conversations with researchers and physicians on discoveries and emerging science in precision medicine launched in February. Hear lively discussions between a Mayo Clinic colleague and guests from external institutions on population genomics, individualized vaccines, genome editing and more.  

In the inaugural podcast episode "Exposomics and Health Risk Assessment," host Cathy Wurzer, a broadcast journalist from Minnesota Public Radio, talks with two experts in this new frontier of medicine. The exposome looks at everything a person has been exposed to in their lifetime — chemicals, pollution, radiation, biological agents, nutrients in food and measures those exposures to identify biological pathways in the body and how they trigger disease.  

Experts expand on the exposome, its history, its relation to disease development in the U.S. and Europe, and the potential to use the exposome framework to improve population health. 

Guests are: 

"We need to pay more attention because genetics alone will not give us all the answers. I am a possibilitarian, meaning I'm thinking about possibilities and opportunities, and I think we need to do this kind of work." 

"We have to engage in a conversation with the public explaining both the promises and expectations but also the current limitations." 

Look for these upcoming episodes: 

March 8: "Population Genomics" featuring Matthew Ferber, Ph.D., a clinical and molecular geneticist and director of the Mayo Clinic GeneGuide laboratory and Sir Rory Collins, FMedSci FRS, principal investigator and chief executive of the U.K. Biobank. 

March 22: "Molecular Virology and Novel Therapeutics" featuring Michael Barry, Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic consultant in Infectious Diseases and Kathie Seley-Radtke, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  

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