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    New Podcast: ‘Xenotransplantation and Regenerative Therapeutics’ 

July 12, Episode 11:  'Xenotransplantation and Regenerative Therapeutics

What if we could replace diseased or damaged organs and other body parts with new lab-created versions? How might transplanting tissue from other species help the critical shortage of human transplant organs? Tune in as Cathy Wurzer, a broadcast journalist from Minnesota Public Radio interviews two noted experts in regenerative therapeutics and xenotransplantation (transplanting organs between members of different species) and how these two fields are related. Learn more from these experts as they discuss innovations, future opportunities, challenges, ethical and legal issues, and the public’s perception of these new therapies. 

Guests are: 

  • Julie Allickson, Ph.D., the Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon Family Director for Regenerative Medicine and the Otto Bremer Trust Director of Biomanufacturing and Product Development in the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics 

 “The goal with biologics is to cure. We want to cure the patients. We don’t want to keep treating them forever. That is the goal.” - Dr. Allickson 

“I think both approaches are fascinating and viable. I look at bioartificial organs and xenotransplantation as the wind and solar of the future of organ availability. It’s a sustainable way to create a new source of organs. That’s our number one unmet need in transplantation right now.” - Dr. Montgomery