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    New Road Rules to Improve Truck Drivers’ Health

Medical examinations for many commerical drivers will only be legitimate if they're performed by specially trained and certifiied health care providers. The new federal guidelines are aimed at helping prevent medical-emergency-related truck and bus crashes. Clayton Cowl, M.D., a Mayo Clinic physician in Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine, says, “Often, the medical evaluation is the only opportunity for preventive care that a driver will receive. Granted, it’s more regulatory burden on the drivers and their examiners, but I also view this as an opportunity for health care providers to make a difference in their lives." Dr. Cowl learned how to drive a semitruck so he could become more familiar with the physical stresses that challenge truckers.

Common medical issues commercial drivers face:

Chronic Stress
Nicotine Dependence
Sleep Apnea
High Blood Pressure

B-roll and sound bites with Dr. Cowl are available in the downloads.

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