• New Treatment For Dry Eye Symptoms

Blinking should be painless, but for many dry eye sufferers, it hurts and affects everyday activities like driving, using the computer and watching TV.  People with chronic dry eye may have an inadequate protective layer of oils in their tears which can lead them to excessive use of eye drops that can actually worsen the condition. 

Now, there's a new treatment  —  LipiFlow thermal pulsation system  —  being offered at Mayo Clinic in Arizona that diagnoses and addresses the root cause of dry eye  —  obstructed Meibomian glands. Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist, Joanne Shen, M.D., says, "Over time, without lubrication from the Meibomian glands, the tears evaporate repeatedly and can result in more serious eye conditions, such as long-term damage to the surface of the eye."

Soundbites with Dr. Shen and b-roll are available in the downloads above.

Expert title for broadcast: Dr. Joanne Shen, Mayo Clinic Ophthalmologist

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