• Pain management for older adults

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As we age, we expect a few aches and pains. But chronic pain in later life is a common condition, particularly among adults over the age of 65. Chronic pain can affect every aspect of life, making daily tasks difficult and often affecting the ability to get good sleep. In addition to physical discomfort, pain can affect mental and emotional health — increasing stress and frustration, sapping motivation and activity levels, and contributing to fatigue. Pain management strategies are important to help older adults maintain quality of life.

On the next Mayo Clinic Radio program, Dr. Brandon Verdoorn, a Mayo Clinic geriatrician, will discuss pain management for older adults. Also on the program, Dr. David Dodick, a Mayo Clinic neurologist, will explain when it is safe to return to play after a concussion. Then, Dr. Miriam (Priya) Alexander, a Mayo Clinic pathologist, and statistician Dr. Byron Smith will explain how Mayo Clinic researchers created a deep learning program to read kidney biopsies faster. And Dr. Anna Bartoo and Dr. Heidi Finnes, Mayo Clinic pharmacists, will discuss the work done by research pharmacists to prepare medications for clinical trials.

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