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    Parkinson’s Disease/Retinal Detachment/Halloween Safety: Mayo Clinic Radio

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. A slight tremor in one hand is often the first outward sign of Parkinson's. And, while there is no cure, there are medications and other treatments that can effectively manage its signs and symptoms. On the next Mayo Clinic Radio, neurologist Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog discusses treating Parkinson's. Dr. Ahlskog is the author of the new book, The New Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor to Get the Most from Your Medications. Also on the program, ophthalmologist Dr. Sophie Bakri explains the alarming symptoms of retinal detachment ... and why it's critical to get immediate treatment. And trauma and critical care specialist Dr. Donald Jenkins has advice for parents on keeping children safe this Halloween.

Miss the program?  Here's the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast.

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