• Patients Tell How Pain Rehabilitation Program Brought Them Relief

Christy Jeck discusses her experience at Mayo's Pain Rehabilitation Center in Florida. Three weeks. It sounds like a long time, especially if you’re going to a hospital or clinic every day.

But for people living with chronic pain, a daily, multi-week program is compelling if it can help them return to a more active lifestyle.

Established in 2011, the Pain Rehabilitation Center at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus offers a robust and integrated three-week outpatient program for adults affected by chronic pain and symptoms. A team of health care professionals, including doctors trained in pain management and pain psychology, physical and occupational therapists, biofeedback specialists, nurses and dietitians, teach strategies and techniques to improve function and quality of life. Treatment includes, but is not limited to, physical reconditioning, monitored medication reduction, and behavioral changes.

Seven graduates from the program recently shared their thoughts and advice on the program and offered insight for others coping with pain into the unique model of care offered at the center. You can find that video embedded in this post or click the names below for extended testimonials from each patient.

  • Michael, who was among the first patients to go through the program almost three and a half years ago, shares positive thoughts about the program as well as challenges.
  • Patient Herb, who admits he was initially skeptical, found inspiration after three weeks and offers advice to “give it a serious try … and you will be amazed.”
  • Christy and Jeff share their continued success after more than a year, as does Courtney, who graduated almost three years ago, and touts the supportive nature of the program. “There is so much PRC has to offer other than just the three weeks. It continues six months, a year after, through your whole lifetime,” she says.
  • Recent program graduates are also featured, including Joy and Geoffrey, who remind others that consistency is key to success. “How you live on a day to day basis and adapting what you’ve learned … that will, you will, succeed,” he says.

The Pain Rehabilitation Center program is open to patients within the U.S. and abroad.


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