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    Science Saturday: Integrative oncology — lifestyle medicine for people with cancer

a woman sitting on a yoga mat with legs crossed and hands on knees

Integrative medicine combines conventional Western medicine with complementary and alternative treatments that have been researched and proven to be safe and effective in healing. Integrative oncology uses integrative medicine as part of standard cancer care.

"Integrative oncology is a practice where we use lifestyle medicine like dietary modifications, stress reduction, exercise, supplements and mind-body practices," says Stacy D'Andre, M.D., a Mayo Clinic medical and integrative oncologist. "We combine all of these practices to help our cancer patients improve quality of life and hopefully improve treatment outcomes, as well."

Integrative oncology can help people with cancer feel better by reducing the fatigue, nausea, pain, anxiety and other symptoms that can come with cancer and cancer treatment.

If you are living with cancer or caring for someone who is, here's an overview of how integrative oncology can ease the burden of cancer.

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