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    Science Saturday: Mayo Clinic innovator inspired by patients, surgical experience to improve medical devices

Like so many Mayo Clinic staff members, Kenneth Dye has been inspired by Mayo Clinic patients throughout his career.

In Dye's case, conversations with two prolific inventors — while they were patients at Mayo Clinic — sparked his interest in finding ways to improve medical devices. The inventors encouraged Dye to pursue his interest and emphasized that where others see a problem, he should look for opportunities. He took those words to heart. Now with several patents and three inventions to his name, Dye views innovation as an inherent part of his job.

During his 26-year career as a physician assistant in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dye has worked as a first assistant to surgeons in the operating room. His perspective from this vantage point has generated the ideas for his inventions, each conceived to solve a problem or correct a flaw.

"My inventions were driven by an opportunity to make medical devices clinically safer for our patients," he says. "It's my hope that all my ideas will translate to improved patient care and outcomes."

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