• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: A sudden detour for heart transplant

July 16, 2017

When Yasmin Mullings found out she needed a heart transplant, she wasn't sure she could go through with it. But with support and encouragement from her Mayo Clinic care team, Yasmin successfully navigated the transplant. Today, with a healthy heart, she's back to her active life.

In 2015, Yasmin Mullings was relishing a fast-paced life. In her role as a county prosecutor in St. Paul, Minnesota, she regularly handled complex and challenging cases. Outside of work, she was a marathon runner, exercise enthusiast, world-traveler and mentor to middle-school girls. Fit and healthy, Yasmin says medical concerns weren't on her radar.

That changed dramatically in early 2016. Yasmin returned to running after a short hiatus, and instead of going her usual 10-plus miles, she couldn't run even one. The incident was the beginning of a medical odyssey that, within six months, took her to from local care providers to Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus and then to Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus, where she ultimately received a heart transplant.

"The kindness, the compassion, the caring, the humanness of what the people at Mayo Clinic did for me throughout this process is something I didn't expect," Yasmin says. "Everyone — both in Rochester and Arizona — made me feel like they wanted to take care of me. They wanted me to be OK. They wanted me to be emotionally and physically ready and able to cope. They wanted to be part of it with me. These people could not have treated me any better if I was their own family member." Read the rest of Yasmin's story.
This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.