• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Back on the road after a serious motorcycle accident

August 13, 2017

patient Sue Bothun on a motorcycle with Dr. Brandon Yuan standing near

Sue Bothun is living life again and getting back to the work she loves after recovering from a devastating accident, with the help of her orthopedic surgeons and Mayo Clinic's back-to-work program.

For more than half her life, Sue Bothun has been a motorcycle rider. To the Mayo Clinic nurse, motorcycling is a way of life and a means to experience the grace and fellowship encountered on the open road.

Sue believes the art and act of motorcycling is essential to her psyche. So much so that despite a serious accident in June 2016, in which she fractured her foot, leg, wrist and thumb, today she is back in the rider's seat.

"People don't understand what motorcycles are about," says Sue, who was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, and has worked at Mayo Clinic for 10 years. "It's about getting out in God's country and seeing his splendor and meeting people, because the camaraderie between bikers is profound."

Sue's orthopedic surgeonBrandon Yuan, M.D., says there's no question Sue's attitude and determination played an important role in her recovery. "Patients with severe injuries to their arms and legs, who have a high level of self-motivation and family support, have much better outcomes than those who lack those factors," Dr. Yuan says. Read the rest of Sue's story.

This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.