• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Brain tumors and two cancer diagnoses

September 22, 2019

When he was 3, Rick Minard was diagnosed with acute lymphocitic leukemia. His parents were told their son wouldn't live beyond age 4. But treatment that included radiation therapy to his head and spine for five years cured Rick and allowed the now 52-year-old to have what he describes as a "fairly normal life."

That life was upended in 2010, however, when Rick was besieged by several serious health problems — side effects from the childhood cancer treatment that had saved his life.

What began as pain in Rick's jaw eventually led to treatment for brain tumors and two types of cancer. And because his medical situation has proven to be complex, requiring a variety of specialists on his care team, Mayo Clinic has been the ideal health care facility for him.

"Rick is the perfect person for a place like Mayo where we have a multidisciplinary approach to care. I don't know how you would coordinate and manage all these conditions at several different centers to understand which one takes priority," Dr. Price says. "Here we can all communicate with each other and decide how often we need to see him and coordinate all those appointments and procedures."

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This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.