• By Cynthia Weiss

Sharing Mayo Clinic: COVID-19 vaccination experience special for young man with Down syndrome

June 20, 2021
patient Tyler White, who has Down syndrome, with his mom and dad standing on each side, balloons in background, everyone smiling
The parents of a young Florida patient were so grateful for the caring approach offered to their son during his COVID-19 vaccine appointment that they called back to express their appreciation and share their story.


When the father of a 19-year-old patient with Down syndrome brought his son, Tyler White, for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, he was blown away by the "care, compassion and love" displayed by the team at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

Tyler’s parents were moved by the experience and relieved that Tyler left his appointment feeling happy instead of stressed.

Days before the appointment, Tyler’s mom, Teresa White, wrote a note in the Patient Online Services portal asking for assistance. She explained that Tyler suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, has a fear of crowds, and gets "nervous around needles."

The team in the COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Florida took the request to heart. And they made special arrangements to administer Tyler's vaccination in a calm, quiet environment.

Shortly after Tyler and his dad arrived at the vaccination center, they were warmly greeted by a staff member who asked, "Are you Tyler?"

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