• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Genetic Testing Uncovers the Reason for Years of Mysterious Symptoms

July 31, 2016

patient Sharon Mills smiling and looking happyWhen she was a teenager, Sharon Mills started having excruciating pain after eating. Medical tests found abnormalities with her liver but no reason for the irregularities or pain. She continued to experience the troubling symptoms for decades.

As an adult, Sharon moved to different parts of the country several times. With each move, she visited academic medical centers and underwent a wide variety of tests and procedures in hopes of uncovering a reason for her pain. No one could give her an answer, until she moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

In Jacksonville, Sharon began receiving care at Mayo Clinic with Floyd Willis, M.D., a physician in the Department of Family Medicine. After listening to Sharon's anecdotes about her pain triggers, Dr. Willis enlisted the help of Paldeep Atwal, M.D., a colleague in the Division of Consultative and Diagnostic Medicine and one of the nation's few experts in metabolomics medical genetics. Read the rest of Sharon's story.

This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.