• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Healthier and happier after bariatric surgery

September 2, 2018

bariatric surgery patient Candace Clark smilingFor Candace Clark, bariatric surgery meant the difference between struggling with weight issues, including medical problems triggered by obesity, and enjoying renewed health and energy.

"I felt like I was slowly dying," says Candace Clark, a 54-year-old Barron, Wisconsin, resident who had dealt with weight issues for years. "I was tired of feeling the way I felt. I was sick a lot. I didn't want to be heavy and overweight any longer."

Candace tried various weight-loss programs and diet products over the years, including fasting, eating every other day and starving herself.

"Sometimes I lost a little bit of weight, but it would come back," she says. "It didn't last."

Besides the physical effects of her weight, Candace says there were emotional frustrations. When she needed a dress for her daughter's wedding, for example, it was a challenge to find one that fit.

"I actually cried," she says. "I had to drive a long way to find a dress." Read the rest of Candace's story.
This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.